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Spitz & Yespy, P.A. Certified Public Accountants

Personal Tax Returns

A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. Over the years literally 1000's of Federal and State returns have been prepared and filed. At Spitz & Yespy, we know time, money and knowledge are an important part of building your success and managing wealth. We focus on maximizing your ability to accomplish your tax and retirement goals. We personally walk you through your tax return (at your request), line by line, year by year, so you know how tax laws impact you. Our office is open throughout the entire year which means you’ll have access to our firm when you make important decisions. Services we provide include, but are not limited to: * Preparation of Personal Tax Returns * Preparation of Amended Tax Returns * Tax Planning and Consulting * Personal Budgeting * Electronic Filing and Record Keeping * Representation at IRS Exams and Audits